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Telugu Association of Reading & Around

Membership Policy

Telugu Association of Reading & Around (TARA) strives to serve its registered users by providing the information about various community events, volunteering opportunities in Reading and around and related free advertisements. Its contribution to the Telugu community depends largely on the involvement, commitment, and professionalism of each of its users.

TARA humbly offers the opportunity for individuals to register on TARA’s website for free. To become a member, a person shall submit an online enquiry / application in the prescribed form. On the approval of his application by the managing committee, the person shall become a member of the TARA.

In return, and as a valued member of the TARA network, we simply ask that you review and adhere to these Terms & Conditions. The definitions used in these Terms & Conditions are set out at the end of this document.

Terms & conditions for use on TARA’s website:


You must comply with these Terms and Conditions if you use TARA Website. Although you must read these Terms and Conditions in full, we think the most important points for you are:

1. You must comply with our House Rules when you contribute Content to the Website. TARA is therefore not responsible and can accept no liability for any offendable material, but once we get the notice of any such material, we will remove it as early as possible. We will only share the information you provide to us with other people or organisations in accordance with our Privacy Policy. We reserve the right to suspend or terminate your access to the Website and your membership of the TARA network immediately at any time.

2. Website use
(a) Except as permitted in these Terms and Conditions, you may not alter the Website in any way or do anything that might or will damage or disrupt the good working order of the Website or our equipment or software.
(b) You agree that TARA may at any time and without prior notice to you replace or amend these Terms and Conditions. Your continued use of this Website after amendments are made means you accept the Terms and Conditions as updated. You should therefore visit this page regularly to review the Terms and Conditions.

3. Accuracy
(a) TARA does not guarantee that the information contained in the Website is accurate, verified or complete. TARA accepts no liability if you or any person or organisation relies on or uses the information.
(b) TARA does not guarantee that the Website will be uninterrupted or error free, or that the Website or your use of it will be free of viruses or harmful material. You are responsible for ensuring that your computer is suitable to use the Website.

4. Information you provide to us
(a) You agree that any information you provide to us is true.
(b) Any information you provide to us through the Website will be treated in accordance with our Privacy Policy.

5. Online materials
Where content on the Website is supplied by others we do not control or endorse such content in any way.

6. Copyright and monitoring
The content of the Website is owned by TARA or third parties. No content from the Website may be copied, used or reproduced without our written consent, except where it is used for research and non-commercial use where no consent is required. Please send your written requests to use content from the Website to

7. Linked websites and Providers
When you access any other website through the Website (including Provider websites) you understand that it is independent from TARA and that we have no control over that website, or the services offered through it.

8. Liability
(a) In circumstances where you suffer loss or damage arising out of or in connection with the use of the Website, we accept no liability.
(b) TARA shall not be liable for any loss or damage caused or alleged to be caused by your use of another website or resource. Any concerns regarding any external link should be directed to immediately.

9. General
(a) We may assign, transfer, replace TARA or subcontract any or all of our rights and obligations under these Terms and Conditions at any time.
(b) If any term of these Terms and Conditions is illegal, invalid or unenforceable for any reason, the remaining terms shall continue to be valid.
(c) These Terms and Conditions and your use of the Website are governed by English law and you are subject to the non-exclusive jurisdiction of the English courts.
(d) Except in respect of a payment obligation to us, neither you nor TARA will be held liable for any failure to perform any obligation to the other due to causes beyond your reasonable control.

10. Notices
All contact or notices to be given in relation to these Terms and Conditions or your use of the Website shall be given:
i. To us via e-mail to; or
ii. To you, via these Terms and Conditions or at the email address you provide when register on the Website.

11. House Rules
If you use the Website (including upload any Content), you agree to accept the following house rules at all times:
(a) You must not post or upload any Content or use the Website in a way that breaches any law.
(b) You must not post or upload any Content or use the Website in a way that is offensive, threatening, defamatory, vulgar, obscene, harassing, false, misleading or unreliable, or that brings or is likely to bring the Website or TARA into disrepute.
(c) You agree to not contribute Content that will infringe another user’s, organisation’s or person’s rights (including rights of privacy or publicity).
(d) Neither TARA nor any Provider moderates any Content posted to the Website. TARA accepts no responsibility for any Content, but reserves the right to remove/edit any Content at any time.
(e) You are wholly responsible for all Content posted by you on the Website and for materials (including but not limited to emails) sent by you in connection to the Website.
(f) Please let us know immediately by contacting us at if any of these rules are broken by you or other users, or if you have any concerns about material posted to the Website.
(g) Using your access to the Website to send unsolicited bulk email or spam is forbidden.
(h) We and/or any Provider reserve the right to suspend or terminate your access to the Website and/or membership of the TARA network immediately at any time.
(i) We and/or any Provider reserve the right to edit, or require you to edit, Content posted to the Website at any time.
(j) Any Content you post to the Website may be used by TARA for any purpose subject to our Privacy Policy.
(k) If your use of the Website (including of any Opportunities or other services offered through it by TARA, any Provider or other organisation), uploading of Content or breach of these Terms and Conditions creates losses for TARA, you will compensate TARA for all its losses (including direct and indirect losses, all costs and damages).
(l) If your access to the Website is terminated or suspended for any reason, you must not access the Website or any other TARA website without our prior consent.

Privacy Policy:

TARA values your privacy and will only use your personal information in accordance with the policy set out below.

1. Information about you
(a) We may collect personal information from you when you:
– Register on the Website;
– Post Content to the Website;
– Enquire about the Website, our services, the Opportunities and/or about us;
– Request or share information through the Website;
– Register for any of our newsletters, mailing lists or events through the Website; and/or
– contact us through the Website, or any other channel.
(b) This personal information may include but is not limited to the following information about you:
– Your date of birth
– Your name (including your first name(s) and surname) and current postal address
– Your email address
– Your postcode
– Your phone number
– Other details about you that you or others provide to us
– Photos of you that you or others provide to us.

2. Our use of your information
(a) Your personal information will only be used by us to:
• Process your requests;
• Respond to your questions or comments;
• Provide or administer activities relating to TARA’s services or the services offered on the Website.
• Display any photos or comments on events on the Website or any other website or marketing material owned or operated by TARA.
• provide you with information relating to TARA, the Website, the Opportunities or our services, or that we feel may be of interest to you;
• maintain our organisational records;
• carry out research including evaluation carried out for us by another organisation or prepare reports; and
• supply your information to third parties as described in paragraph 2 (c) below.

(b) If you do not want to receive information from us contact us by email at
(c) Any personal information that you provide when you use the Website may be shared with third parties, including but not limited to:
i. Providers of support services to TARA, but only if the sharing of your personal information is necessary for the purpose of delivering the Programme;
ii. Providers, where you have expressed an interest in or have applied for one of their Opportunities, but only for the purpose of delivering the Programme;
iii. Companies or organisations that are carrying out work on TARA’s behalf, in relation to the Programme; and
iv. Members of the public that access the Website who are able to view the details of your Content. However members of the public will not be able to view your name, email or other contact details (although they will be able to view your Content).
(d) If you do not want your personal information, Content or information about the Opportunities you have participated in provided by you to be displayed on the Website, or if you wish us to remove your Content from the Website, please contact us by email at

3. Security
(a) We will take reasonable precautions to prevent the loss, misuse or unauthorised alteration of information you give us.
(b) Communications in connection with the Website and its content may be sent to you by us by e-mail. For ease of use and compatibility, communications will not be sent to you in an encrypted form. E-mail is not a fully secure means of communication. Whilst we try to keep our systems and communications protected against viruses and other harmful effects we cannot guarantee this.
(c) TARA takes reasonable steps to protect your personal information but where third parties are concerned, accepts no liability for any misuse of your personal information by third parties and you therefore proceed at your own risk.

4. Cookies
(a) A “cookie” is a small text file that is placed on a website user’s computer hard drive by a website. There are several types of cookie.
(b) The types of cookie we use are “session cookies”, which keep track of information you have entered or looked at as you travel from page to page within the Website. These cookies have a short lifetime and expire within a short time of you leaving the Website. We do not use other types of cookie that track your internet activity after leaving the Website.
(c) We use cookies to tell whether you have logged in to the Website, to see how you are viewing the Website and how you navigate around the Website, and to assist us in providing the services we offer.
(d) Internet browsers normally accept cookies by default. However, it is possible to set an internet browser to reject cookies.
(e) If you do not consent to our use of cookies, you must not use the Website. Please contact us at if you do not consent to our use of cookies.

5. Other Information
(a) If you would like us to correct or update any information about you, then please email us at
(b) This Privacy Policy may be updated from time to time, so please check it regularly.
(c) Should you ever have any questions or concerns regarding a Provider TARA will keep your name confidential in the exploration of such matters.

Definitions :

“Content” refers to any user generated content posted, attached or added to the Website including but not limited to any commentary, emails, information, screenshots, photographs, pictures, videos, text and artwork.
“House Rules” refers to the house rules that form part of these Terms and Conditions.
“Opportunity” or “Opportunities” refer to any volunteering activities (including but not limited to projects and events) offered to users on the Website through a Provider.
“Providers” refers to TARA’s charity partners and other partner organisations who provide volunteering activities to users through the Website.
The “Privacy Policy” refers to the privacy policy that forms part of the Terms and Conditions.
“Terms and Conditions” refers to these Terms and Conditions, including the House Rules and Privacy Policy as updated or amended from time to time.
“TARA”, “our”, “we” or “us” refer to TARA (for details about us please see below).
The “Website” refers to this website:

Alok Sharma, MP
Alok Sharma, MP
TARA is striving to keep the Telugu community close in Berkshire while also supporting those in need in UK and in India and I appreciate all the efforts made by TARA volunteers.
Srividhya Agaram Kannan
Srividhya Agaram Kannan
It was a brilliant event and you guys had organized it beautifully.We all had a lovely time.Also thanks once again for giving the children an opportunity and a great platform to showcase their talents and interests. And they were well recognized too. Appreciate all the efforts that has gone in.
Attending TARA event ...absolute delight to enjoy Jyotsna Srikants Violin performance ...never thought violin could be such a delight. Thanks to TARA for organizing the event

Read More

Wonderful and mesmerizing performances..Thanks to TARA - Telugu Association of Reading and Around for Organizing such a wonderful event!

Read More

తారా ఉగాది వేడుకలు 2012.....నిజంగా చాలా అద్భుతంగా ఉన్నాయి..మాళవిక, శ్రీక్రిష్ణ made a magic today..పాడటం ఒక వరం అయితే, పాడించటం ఇంకొక కళ కాని రెండూ చేస్తూ మమ్మల్ని అలరించినందుకు thanks ...బాగా enjoy చేసాము.. ఈ event కొసం కృషి చేసిన అందరికీ కూడా చాలా చాలా thanks. Very lovely event, food was excellent... మళ్ళీ త్వరలో ఇలాంటి మంచి events రావాలని ఆశిస్తున్నాము...
Sreedhar Garlapati
Sreedhar Garlapati
Thanks to TARA committee members for organising such a wonderful event (TARA Ugadi 2012). We enjoyed thoroughly, musical event and "Mee illu bangaram kanu" script were the high lights.
Rajasekhar Chidipudi
Rajasekhar Chidipudi
Thanks for organising a wonderful family event - TARA Ugadi 2012 with sumptuous lunch. The telugu melodies have been sweet and it was great to see all people getting involded & dancing to the catchy tunes. Also Kudos to the performances on Skits, and special thanks to Surya Prakash for all the ideas and the great direction. I think we should be doing these more often.
రాజా రవీంద్ర
రాజా రవీంద్ర
తారా వాళ్ళు మనమాట అనే కార్యక్రమము ద్వారా పిల్లలకి తెలుగు నేర్పిస్తున్నారు, చాలా మంచి కార్యక్రమము. నేర్చుకుంటున్న పిల్లలందరికి. దేశ భాషలందు తెలుగు లెస్స అన్నారు All the best, అందరూ తెలుగు నేర్చుకోవాలి.
తనికెళ్ళ భరణి
తనికెళ్ళ భరణి
తెలుగు నేర్చుకునే పిల్లలకి ఈ ప్రాంతంలో లండన్ పరిసర ప్రాంతంలో తారా అశుధార తప్పకుండా మీరు నేర్చుకోండి మీరు నేర్చుకుని తెలుగు దేశంలో వున్న మాకు నేర్పండి మీ అందరికి ఆసక్తికరంగా అనిపిస్తుందని ప్రార్ధిస్తూ అభినందనలు శుభాభినందనలు!!
'సిరివెన్నెల' సీతారామశాస్త్రి
'సిరివెన్నెల' సీతారామశాస్త్రి
తారా ద్వారా పిల్లలకి తెలుగులో మాట్లాడటం చదవటం నేర్పిస్తున్నటువంటి ఔత్సాహికులు తెలుగు పట్ల అక్కర మక్కువ వున్న కార్యకర్తలందరికీ నా శుభాకాంక్షలు. తారా పేరు కూడా చాలా సముచితంగా వుందితెలుగు మాట్లాడటం,తెలుగు చదవటం, తెలుగు వాళ్ళం అనిపించుకోవటంఇవి గగనకుసుమాలు అయిపోయి ఆకాశంలో వున్నప్పుడుఆ తారలని మళ్ళీ నేల మీదకి చిన్నారి తారలగా నడిపించివాళ్ళ నోటంట చక్కని చిలక పలుకుల్లా చక్కెర పలుకుల్లాంటితెలుగు పలికించటం చాలా ఆనందకరమైన విషయంమనస్పూర్తిగా నా శుభాకాంక్షలని మీ అందరికీ తెలియజేస్తున్నానువిజయోస్తు!!